Malaysia Dichroic Glass Metal Gobos
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Rep Graphic Sdn Bhd
117 , Jalan 20/7,
Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
TEL : 6 - 03 - 7876 6150
TEL : 6 - 03 - 7876 7167
FAX : 6 - 03 - 7876 9908
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Malaysia Dichroic Glass Gobos | Malaysia Dichroic Metal Gobos



  Malaysia Dichroic Glass Metal Gobos  
  Uses / Applications:  
  Gobos enhance design by creating great visual on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic elements. They can even be used in place of scenery. The appearance of the image can be affected and / or enhanced through the use of color filters and the angle and focus of the light being used, allowing for additional design flexibility. Gobos are ideal for temporary projects like corporate events, exhibits, concerts, pubs, restaurants and discos.  
Dancing Hall / Disco Projectors
Dancing Hall / Disco Projection
Museum Projectors
Museum Projection
Restaurant / Pubs Projectors
Restaurant / Pubs Projection
Exhibition / seminal Projectors
Seminar Projection
Crowd Stopping Advertising Technology Projectors
Crowd Stopping Projection
Shop Window Projectors
Shop Window Projection
Tradeshow / Exhibition Projectors
Tradeshow / Exhibition Projection
Stage Projectors
Stage Projection
Billboard Projectors
Billboard Projection
Any Building Projectors
Projection on any building
  Features / Benefits :  
  Rep Graphic's metal gobos (3 to 10 mil high quality alloy, stainless steel, brass, etc.) and high resolution glass gobos that provide longer life and image quality that result in durable patterns able to withstand high heat generated from both ellipsoidal and intelligent lights.

Rep Graphic's Full Colour Diachronic Glass gobos project clear, crisp detailed photos, images or logos that require specific colour matches or any images with gradients of colour. They are also designed for maximum temperature tolerance and longer life in higher wattage ellipsoidal and intelligent lights.

Rep Graphic has in-house art and production capabilities that allow for the quickest turnaround in the industry. We can make custom metal and glass gobos to fit any light in the industry. Using latest Anodizing / Blackening technology, metal gobos can efficiently cut off reflection of the light source / lamp that prolongs the life span of the projector's lamp and also protects it from oxidation as an indirect cost saving for customers.
  Specifications and Availability :  
  Artwork is accepted via e-mailed, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files, disc, or ad slick or fax. Turnaround time is generally 3 working days (Excluding Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) from receipt of a dealer order and approved artwork, but rush orders are accepted. Metal patterns need to be "bridged" to hold together the image or lettering. (Such as the inside of the letter "O"). For Glass patterns, no "bridging" is required.  
Malaysia Dichroic Metal Gobos
Malaysia Dichroic Metal Gobos
Stainless steel Gobo
Alloy Gobo
Malaysia Dichroic Metal Gobos
Malaysia Dichroic Metal Gobos
Glass Gobo
Dichroic Metal Gobos
 Dichroic Metal Gobos
Anodized / Blacken Gobo
Malaysia Dichroic Glass Gobos
Malaysia Dichroic Glass Gobos
Full Colour Dichroic Glass Gobos

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Malaysia Dichroic Glass Gobos | Malaysia Dichroic Metal Gobos