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Rep Graphic Sdn Bhd
117 , Jalan 20/7,
Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
TEL : 6 - 03 - 7876 6150
TEL : 6 - 03 - 7876 7167
FAX : 6 - 03 - 7876 9908
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Photo Chemical Etching

REP GRAPHIC sdn bhd has over 30 years of experience in providing a complete service in the design and production of photochemical etchings. This production technique is being used world-wide for the most demanding of applications in a wide range of industries, such as Semiconductor Industries, Electrical & Electronic Industries, Instrumentation, Precision Mechanics and many others.

Photochemical etching is simply a high-quality, fast-turnaround and low-cost alternative for machining flat metal parts. It offers you the precision and accuracy unavailable in other type of milling processes.

The conventional process meant stamping which required a matched punch and die. It caused stress, deformation and burrs. The photo etching has not only eliminated these problems, but enabled manufacturers to process parts accurately and much faster than before. It doesn't change the metal composition such as heat or mechanical stress on finished parts.

 Rep Graphic's Metal Etching is the answer to problems with parts and component design and production that you may have for precision equipment, electronics and other fields. Our Photo Etching Process can be performed on practically any types of metal including very thin metal sheets with dimensional tolerances requiring micro precision and offers part manufacturers advantages in several ways. We anticipate still widening areas of its applications in the near future.

What Are The Advantages:

  • Short delivery time
  • Absolutely flat, no rough edges and burr-free
  • Metal characteristics remain unchanged
  • Parts that are thin, fragile, small or too complex in design to produce in ordinary stamping can be processed
  • Best used for making prototypes to avoid high tooling cost and long lead-time of stamping mold fabrication
What kind of materials can be photo etched?
  Alloy 42   Aluminum   Be Cu
  Brass   Copper   Kovar
  Mild Steel   Nickel   Phosphor Bronze
  Stainless Steel   Other Alloys
Areas of Application:
  • Lead Frames (ICs, LSIs, transistors, diodes, etc)
  • Heat Sink
  • Masks (color CRT, TV)
  • Encoder Discs
  • Contact Springs (keyboards)
  • Actuator Band (FDD & HDD)
  • Gimbal & Flexure (FDD & HDD)
Precision Equipment
  • Springs
  • Rotor & Stator
  • Shuttle Blades
  • High Resolution Glass Mask
  • LCD Display/Solar Cell
  • Metal Bar Codes
  • Pad Printing Steel Blocks and EDM Copper Electrode
  • Fibreglass Circuit Boards
Rep Graphic manufactures etched parts for various industrial applications including:

  - Contact Springs
  - Cores for magnetic heads
  - Lead frames
  - Vapor deposition masks
  - Small-size motor cores
  - High resolution Glass mask
  - Metal Bar Codes
  - Pad Printing Steel Blocks
  - Fibreglass Circuit Boards

Photo Chemical Etching
01a_3 01a_2 01a_1
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Artists & Commercial Etching

Artists and commercial designers have found photochemical etching to be an incredible way to create innovative and unique metal items. Photochemical etching can be used to create:

  - Nameplates etching
  - Zinc plates etching
  - Business cards
  - Graphic plates for brochures
  - Awards and medallions
  - Logos or tags to be placed on products
  - Elevator button plates
  - Signs to go on doors
  - Insignias, face plates
  - Office decorations
  - And just about anything else that can be imagined

Photo Chemical Etching
01b_5 01b_4 01b_3 01b_2 01b_1
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Anodizing Etching

Anodizing Technology for permanent blackening of materials such as Alloy is applied mainly in Metal Gobo's Fabrication for the purpose of protecting as well as extending the life span of the projector's light source / lamp. Whatever your artwork is it can be reproduced in metal, including any text or logos. Debossed or embossed; we can also put a chemical patina darkening effect in copper, brass, nickel or mild steel.
Custom Engraving Manufacturer
01_Anodizing_gobo05c01 01_Anodizing_gobo05a06 01_Anodizing_gobo05a04 01_Anodizing_gobo05a05 01_Anodizing_gobo04 01_Anodizing_gobo05c00 01_Anodizing_gobo05b00 01_Anodizing_gobo05c02 01_Anodizing_gobo05d01 01_Anodizing_gobo05a09 01_Anodizing_gobo05a08 01_Anodizing_gobo05a03 01_Anodizing_gobo03 01_Anodizing_gobo02 01_Anodizing_gobo01
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Etching for EDM & Pad Printing

Rep Graphic also specializes in Precision Etching for EDM Copper Electrode & Pad Printing Steel Block.

Our services for EDM & Pad Printing Etching is as follows:

  • Ø  High precision drawing and modification    
  • Ø  Supply high quality EDM Copper and Pad Printing Steel Block Material  
  • Ø  Sharp and fine etching (accuracy: ± 10-20 microns)    
  • Ø  Etching depth 0.1mm ~ 0.8mm    
  • Ø  Low Competitive Price
  • Ø  Fast turnaround (1 day delivery is possible)
  • Ø  Provide Delivery Service
  • Ø  描画/修改精密商標図案及文字
  • Ø  提供高EDM銅及塑胶模用
  • Ø  高精密度腐蝕  (精密度: ± 10 -20 microns)
  • Ø  深度 0.1mm ~ 0.8mm
  • Ø 合理価格
  • Ø 快速完成 (一天完成可能)
  • Ø 提供運送服務

Custom Engraving Manufacturer    Custom Engraving Manufacturer
EDM Block                  EDM Block

Malaysia Photo Chemical Etching  Malaysia Photo Chemical Etching
EDM Block                                              Pad Printing Steel Block

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Dramatically reduce your manufacturing costs and increase throughput with UV curing lamp that cure UV adhesives and UV coatings in seconds. Our UV curing lamps provide clean, worker-friendly cures and are ideal for industrial UV bonding, coating, encapsulating, potting and sealing applications. UV curing lamps are used world-wide throughout the automotive, electronic, industrial, medical and optical industries. Contact us for more information.

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Malaysia Photo Chemical Etching
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