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UV cure lamps use ultraviolet radiation to initiate reactions and cure adhesives, coatings, stereolithography polymer resins and other UV curable resin products. To provide ultraviolet illumination, UV cure lamps use a flood, spot, or focused beam of light. Flood lamps provide a broad or wide beam of UV light. Focused, wand and spot systems provide a collimated or narrow beam of UV light. The power of UV cure lamps is specified by lamp intensity (watts) and/or illumination energy (watts or power per unit area). Some UV cure lamps include an integral timing unit or hour meter to control exposure time. Other systems include filters for specific applications, side or multiple direction curing, and LED light sources. Computer interfaces for programming, control, or data acquisition are also available.

UV cure lamps are available in a variety of configurations. Curing chambers consist of a power supply, UV light source and enclosure or chamber that provides a work surface and shields the operator from UV radiation. UV conveyors or continuous systems typically consist of a belt conveying unit, power supply and UV light source, as well as an enclosure that is open on both ends, which allows products or sheets to pass through the system. Handheld or portable UV devices are useful for repair, testing and other applications in field, laboratory, plant floor, and other settings where transportation of large systems is impractical. Stand-alone UV cure lamps may have a chamber conveyor enclosure, or a work surface with or without a UV-absorbing curtain or shield. Flood or focused UV sources or modules are also integrated in production lines. Process or line mounted UV systems include a power supply, light source and flange, cartridge mounting or fitting, web system, coating line, and conveyor lines or tanks that transport chemicals, plastic film, or other transparent media for processing. Spot or wand systems are benchtop units that provide a UV beam with a small spot size for selective curing applications. Flexible wands or lights can be positioned to cure specific regions on an assembly. Some UV systems can feed multiple wands or light pipes.

Most UV cure lamps produce ultraviolet radiation falling into one to three UV bands: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA is the near or long wave UV band (

315 - 400 nm). Also known as black light, UVA makes certain pigments fluoresce. UVA has little effect on pathogens and no effect on human tissue. UVB is the middle UV band (

280 - 315 nm). Also know as the suntan ultraviolet band, UVB is used in tanning salons and in some industrial applications. UVB inactivates a moderate amount of pathogens, but is not as effective as UVC in destroying bacteria. Prolonged exposure to UVB results in blistering of the skin and cornea damage. UVC is the germicidal or short wave UV band (

200 - 280 nm). When used correctly, UVC or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) inactivates pathogens by destroying their DNA and RNA, rendering the microbes impotent. The ideal wavelength for eradicating pathogens is 253.7 nm. Prolonged exposure to UVC causes a temporary reddening of the skin and a temporary eye irritation commonly known as welder's eye. No known permanent damage is caused by extended exposure.

Some UV cure lamps also produce visible or UV-visible light such as light in blue green region (

395 - 455 nm). Visible light capability is useful for adhesives with dual UV / visible cure capability. Other less common or specialty UV frequency bands include the VUV or vacuum UV band (100 to 200 nm).

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About etch name plate / etching zinc plate services

Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services design and manufacture labels, tags, nameplates and related products for identification, inventory control, packaging, decoration, and regulatory compliance. Companies produce serial number plates, instruction labels, RFID tags, shipping and packaging labels, company logos, decals, fleet wraps, barcode labels, and other forms of identification for products that require the display of alphanumeric or graphical images. Product capabilities, specialty industries and applications, materials, additional capabilities, and certifications and quality requirements are all important to consider when searching for Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services.

Product capabilities offered by Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services include bar or matrix code labels, certification or regulatory labels, product logos or decals, decorative tape, embossed labels or seals, flexible labels or nameplates, instrument or control panels, laser printable labels, membrane switch or keypad overlays, reusable containers or peel-off labeling, serial number plates, shipping or packaging labels, tags, thermal transfer tape or ribbon, and wash-away labeling. Bar code or matrix labels are standard identification code labels for inventory management, pricing, and shipping. Includes Universal Product Code (UPC) labeling and other standardized bar and matrix code formats. Certification or regulatory labels are labeling for products indicating compliance with national or international regulatory standards such as CE, UL, CSA, and many others. Product and/or company identification and logo labels frequently involve graphic design and decorative attributes. Decorative tape, piping, edging, etc. is used for decoration of products, documents, packaging, or other applications. Embossed labels or seals are for official documents, awards, or certifications. Embossing provides relief and texture to the label or seal. Flexible labels or nameplates are non-rigid labels for adherence to uneven, curved, or flexible surfaces.

Labels or plates for instrumentation or control panels frequently have instructions, graphics, logos, etc. Laser printable labels are suitable for going through a laser printer for customer-specific labeling requirements. Special printing onto overlays for membrane switches or keypads includes lettering, numbering, icons and other graphics. Some Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services can furnish the entire keypad, with graphics and electronics packaged together. Reusable container or peel off labeling is easily removable, peel-off labels and systems for containers, pallets, etc., that can be reused, returned, and require new labels for the different contents. Serialized identification plates or labels are for products or packaging. Such labels or plate often include product model numbers, agency certifications, identification numbers, etc. Labels can be used for shipping, packaging, routing, and inventory management purposes. Thermal transfer tape is tape which is firmly affixed to a product with heat and pressure, and which can carry many types of printing for product identification and other purposes. Thermal transfer is often used on fabric and other flexible materials. Wash-away labeling are labels that can be readily washed off to allow for new, different labels. Applications include containers, pallets, drums, and other products that can be used in many different shipping or inventory uses over their lifetime.

Specialty industries and applications served by Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services include aircraft or aerospace, automotive labels, dials and gauges, electronics or board labeling, high temperature labels, medical labels, outdoor or harsh environment labels, security and identification, and thermoforming inserts. Materials processed by label, tag and nameplate services include paper, plastic, metal, foil or film, rubber, and foam. Additional capabilities often offered by Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services include die cut or punch out, graphic design, just-in-time (JIT) delivery, kitting, label rolls, and screen printing. Certifications or quality requirements often met by providers of Etch name plate / Etching zinc plate services include CD, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, QS 9000, UL / CSA, and MIL-SPEC / STD.

  Rep Graphic Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1965 has prioritized its efforts in photochemical etching for thin flat metal parts and prototypes in industries such as semiconductors, electrical & electronics,instrumentation, precision mechanics, medical, aerospace, as well as printed circuit boards, gobo lightings, logo nameplates and decorative pieces for jewelry, architectural and printing industries.
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